Aston Stealth Vs SM7B

Good microphones will improve your sound quality, and there are so many to choose from, such as Aston Stealth Vs SM7B. These microphones are famous for broadcasting purposes as they sound warm and clean, but they don’t sound the same or offer the same features. If you wonder which microphone to buy, let’s look at what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is the Difference Between Dynamic and Condenser Microphone
  • What are Aston Stealth and SM7B
  • How is the Build Quality of Aston Stealth and SM7B
  • How are the Setups of Aston Stealth and SM7B
  • How are the Sound Characters of Aston Stealth and SM7B
  • What else Aston Stealth and SM7B can offer
  • How are Performance of Aston Stealth and SM7B
  • Aston Stealth Vs SM7B

Dynamic and Condenser Microphone

A microphone is the first step of your recording process, and this equipment is vital to decide your final result. There are so many different microphones and how they sound, so two different models will not sound the same to each other. It is hard to determine which microphone will be best for your voice, especially for singing voice but we can always choose based on the application. If this is your first buy, it is probably wise to see what other similar users buy.

Microphones, in general, are separated into dynamic and condenser, such as Avantone CV-12 Vs Aston Spirit. These microphones have a lightweight membrane and a fixed plate acting as two opposites of capacitors. The sound pressure against this thin polymer will make it move and change the capacitance of the circuit, creating electrical output. This type of microphone is usually preferred for its uniform frequency response and ability to respond with clarity to transient sounds. The thin diaphragm allows for extended high-frequency and low-frequency pickup.

The other type of microphone is dynamic, which you often see use in live performances, but the application is not limited to that. Dynamic microphone has a membrane, but it generally operates as a reverse speaker. The diaphragm moves from the sound pressure, moving the coil and causing a current flow. The difference in construction is the coil located below the diaphragm. They are preferred for their rigidity and need no batteries or external power supply, so it is more convenient to use.

Aston StealthShure SM7B
Product Dimensions10 x 5 x 4 inches
13.3 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches
Shipping Weight2.16 pounds2.03 pounds
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About Aston Stealth and SM7B

There is no solid option about which type of microphone is the best because everyone has different things in mind when selecting their microphone. It is wise to consider what you need in the application and match the microphone with the purpose. We can try different options too and see which sounds best according to you or your audience. Both condenser and dynamic microphones are versatile and suitable for singing, speech, and recording instruments. But for live applications, the dynamic, rugged body will be ideal.

There are plenty of good microphones to choose from, and if you are here, we think you will like the Aston Stealth and SM7B. These microphones are famous for broadcasting purposes because of the sound character. They are clean and pleasant, so if you struggle to find a good-sounding microphone, there is no wrong option between them. We love how they sound, whether for spoken words, speech, or conversation. They will make your voice warm and full by eliminating the harsh top.

The difference between Aston Stealth and SM7B is their type. Like what we talked about above, there are condensers and a dynamic microphone. Stealth from Aston microphone is a condenser microphone, similar to the famous Spirit, while SM7B from Shure is a dynamic microphone. This fact alone may affect the setup and whether or not you need other equipment to hook them up with. Another difference is the sound character because they are pretty different, and you may like Shure or Aston better.

We notice right after listening to the audio is SM7B has a warmer sound or is more prominent on the low end, which is usually great for spoken words. We think they sound perfect for spoken words; we also like them for different voices.

Aston Stealth and SM7B Build Quality

Before checking what the Aston Stealth and SM7B can offer, let’s see the unit first. Some people may think that SM7B is a side-addressed microphone, but it is actually a top-address like the Stealth. The unit is quite long, so it may affect the setup. The SM7B comes with a ready-to-use mount and is adjustable with a standard microphone stand adapter. The box also comes with a larger windscreen for plosives. There is a small back cover to protect the switches.

The SM7B is made of all metal with a thinner metal grille, but there is no flex or any concerning part. The Stealth is about the same price point and made of metal, but the top near the microphone head is plastic. The box comes with the mount, adapter, and pin, but there is nothing else. There is a switch or rotating selection system at the bottom of the capsule. The microphone head is covered with thin foam for reducing plosives.

Aston Stealth and SM7B Setup

Now let’s look at what the Aston Stealth and SM7B can offer starting from the setup because something is interesting here. Stealth is a condenser microphone, so it is not strange for the equipment to require phantom power. On the other hand, SM7B is a dynamic microphone, so it doesn’t need the 48V. The Stealth, however, can work with or without phantom power or in passive mode. When you plug a phantom power, it becomes active and activates the built-in preamp.

The function of this preamp is the same as to cloud lifter, which is helpful in case you don’t have the preamp to power the microphone. Usually, you will need to drive the gain of a dynamic microphone to be relatively high. For example, SM7B needs around 90%.

Aston Stealth and SM7B Sound Character

Now we want to talk about the sound character of Aston Stealth and SM7B, which is similar but also different. From the first listen, we think SM7B is a warmer microphone with a noticeable low end that makes your voice a bit rounder than Stealth. The Stealth have several different voice modes, but we are focusing on the V1 and V1 here as these two are designed for male and female voice, respectively. The SM7B has more kick on the low end for a male voice.

For the V2, you will notice that this setting has a higher gain than the V1, and compared to SM7B, it will sound louder and brighter. This setting is for female voice and seems to focus on the higher frequency, which personally does not sound as good as the V1. They are excellent for recording instruments like electric guitar amp and acoustic guitars, and Stealth even has a dedicated voice setting for your guitar.

Besides V1 and V2, Stealth also has G mode for guitar and D mode for dark sound. The G mode is airy and perfect for guitars, especially when recording with other instruments. But the V2 sounds good for guitar too. The D mode is a bit weird because we are unsure what this mode is intended for. The sound it produces is like someone speaking inside a box or dampened, but it is probably good for instruments.

Aston Stealth and SM7B Features

Next, we want to talk about Aston Stealth and SM7B features, which are very minimal. We don’t find any features for changing polar patterns, so we are stuck with the cardioid polar pattern on both mics. However, there are two switches on SM7B, which is useful to activate the low-cut filter and a mid-boost if you want to tweak the sound. The switch is deep, and you may need something thin like nails to get into it.

Aston Stealth and SM7B Performance 

Lastly, we want to talk about the performance of these microphones and related experiences. The XLR plug and mount of Stealth are not the best. They are wobbly and don’t seem reliable enough to hold the unit. The mic will also produce some noise when you accidentally bump the capsule. One side of this mic, the off-axis rejection, somehow makes a nasally sound, which is weird since the opposite side is not. The Shure SM7B sounds the same from both sides of the mic.

Both microphones are good for rejecting plosives. Unless you speak too close to the head, there should be no issue, but we can always add a pop-up filter if it is a concern. For the SM7B, our biggest complaint is the high gain because some people may not have the capable preamp, and some may have to spend more on a mic activator to make it work.

Aston Stealth Vs SM7B

The Aston Stealth and SM7B have their pros and cons. Sound character-wise, we think the SM7B is warmer and has a more pronounced low end. This microphone also has a filter and booster to help adjust the sound. On the other hand, Stealth has several voice modes, which is excellent for finding which character fits your voice or instrument the most. However, the build quality and its ability to reject plosives and bumps on the boom arm are poor.

- Broadcast quality cardioid microphone for studio and stage with excellent off axis rejection
- 4 settings – 4 different voices – 4 discrete signal paths
- Voiced in conjunction with the 'Aston 33' panel of renowned artists, engineers and producers
- Active and passive modes with Class-A microphone preamp built in – no external gain lifting required
- ONE MICROPHONE FOR EVERYTHING - Studio Recording, Home Recording, Podcasting and Streaming. The SM7B Is Trusted By The Worlds Leading Vocalists, Podcasters and Streamers.
- STUDIO VOCAL RECORDING - The SM7B’s Dynamic Cartridge With Smooth, Flat, Wide-range Frequency Response Produces Exceptionally Clean and Natural Reproduction Of Both Music and Speech.
- PODCAST and BROADCAST - Found In The Top Podcasting Studios Around The World, The SM7B Air Suspension Shock Isolation and Pop Filter Eliminate Both Mechanical Noise And Breathiness. So Words Get Through And The Rest Stays Out Of The Mix.
- STREAMING CONTENT - Professional Live Streaming Starts With A Microphone Capable Of Capturing Exceptionally Clean And Natural Reproduction Of Both Music And Speech. The SM7B Has Been A Pioneer In Such Abilities For Decades.


The decision is all yours because we may have different preferences. We recommend the Stealth because it is cheaper, sounds very good, has different voice modes, and has a built-in preamp, so our preamp doesn’t have to work as hard.