Audix D6 Vs Shure Beta 52A Comparison

We usually hard to kick drum sound setting in order for maximum voice, here’s a technique I learned and wrote my experience in setting the vote kick drum, which brings the influence it. The type of Mic, Mic Placement, Skin drums (drum skin), Tuning, and Mixer. To get the-yum and tender voice on the drums you should often search positions (exercise) patterns his mic placement and identify the source of his voice on the right position, next to the Tune (settings key) on kick Beater (drum Skin) its true. For those of you who are in this kind of product search, we hope our review this time is very helpful to you. What about the product? Products from Audix D6 and Shure Beta 52A.

Audix D6 Vs Shure Beta 52A

Audix D6
Audix D6 is better known as the Bass Drum Mic. However, this product can also be used to record the floor tom, bass amps (Combo/cabinet), or all mic that is able to record sound low. When used for bass drum, the resulting sound has a very dynamic, very strong bass boom, and also gave details of the attack. Of his character, the recording mic is very easy to in EQ when editing. Audix D6 is one of the professional product series of AUDIX USA. The design is especially made for mic’ing kick drum and bass that both inside the drum and the hole resulted in lots of low end and a loud attack, but no midrange, very aggressive, and close to a typical metal or hardcore kick drum sound. The frequency response, as the low-end speaks at 60 Hz, the high-end peaks at 4 kHz and 10 kHz, and also the midrange at 750 Hz is down about 15 dB below the peaks. (Read also : Audix D6 Vs AKG D112 Comparison)

Technical Specs

Audix D6Shure Beta 52A
- Type : Dynamic- Type : Dynamic (moving coil)
- Polar Pattern : Cardioid- Polar Pattern : Supercardioid
- Frequency Response : 30Hz - 15kHz- Frequency Response : 20 to 10,000 Hz
- Impedance : 280 ohms- Impedance : 150 ohms

Shure Beta 52A
The Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic is a high-output and a dynamic microphone with a frequency response tailored specifically for kick drums and for bass instruments. It provides superb attack and punch, not only that, it also delivers studio-quality sound even at extremely high SPLs. The modified supercardioid pattern from this mic ensures high gain before feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted sound. This mic has a frequency HF can fit snugly at any time, you can use it up to a distance of 100 meters and his voice will still be nice, clear, and clean, as well as sensitive. This is perfect for you who will use it for speech, MC, and karaoke. There are frequency response shaped and built in dynamic stand adapter, and also Studio-quality performance in the Shure Beta 52. It is also equipped with Neodymium magnet for high signal to noise ratio put and low sensitivity to varying load impedance.

Audix D6 Vs Shure Beta 52A

- Ground shaking low end with clarity and attack
- Ideally suited for kick drum, floor toms, bass cabs
- VLM (very low mass) diaphragm provides excellent transient response
- Handles extremely high SPLs without distortion
- Designed, machined, assembled and tested by Audix in the USA
- Frequency response shaped specifically for kick drums and bass instruments
- Built-in dynamic locking stand adapter with integral XLR connector simplifies setup, especially inside a kick drum
- Studio quality performance, even a high sound pressure levels
- Supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of unwanted noise
- Low sensitivity to varying load impedance

Both Audix D6 and Shure Beta 52 is a good mic for mic’ing a kick drum. We highly recommended the 52 over the audix even though the selling price the 52 for much less. All have been said all the reviewers deal with prefer the Shure Beta 52 because of durability and long life. The sounds from Shure Beta 52 are very close and it basically comes down to preference.

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