Audix OM2 Vs Shure SM58 Comparison

Dynamic microphones are loved by many people for heavy-duty usage. This is because dynamic mics are quite considerably more rugged and durable compared to the condenser counterparts. In addition, dynamic mics don’t need additional phantom power to operate, making such a practical solution for live purposes. If you are looking for the best bang for the bucks, most probably, you are considering to get Audix OM2 or Shure SM58 right now. Of course, Shure SM58 has become an iconic legendary as a vocal mic, used by many experts and professional singers throughout the world. However, the rather new company, Audix, has also attracted some attention with Audix OM2, which is available in a similar price range. Which one should you choose?


Regarding the design, both are shaped like the typical mic. Audix OM2 has been crafted in an all-black hue, while the name of the product is written in white font. The tubular body curves slightly outwards towards the grille. Meanwhile, Shure SM58 has a black body but the grille is metallic white. In addition, Shure SM58 has also integrated a pneumatic shock-mount system which performs an excellent job in cutting down handling noise. It also has a built-in spherical pop filter to attenuate wind and breath sounds away. Both are rugged and durable. They feel solid and sturdy in the hand.

Technical Specs

Audix OM2Shure SM58
- Transducer Type : Dynamic- Transducer : Dynamic
- Frequency Response : 50 Hz – 16kHz- Frequency Range : 50 Hz to 15 kHz
- Polar Pattern : Hypercardioiod- Polar Pattern : Cardioid
- Output Impedance : 250 ohms- Impedance : 150 ohms
- Sensitivity : 1.7 mV / Pascal @ 1k- Sensitivity : -54.5 dBV @ 1 kHz

Polar Pattern
One thing to note, Audix OM2 and Shure SM58 have different polar patterns. Shure SM58 is cardioid. It has a pretty wide pick-up angle that faces only the front side. As the effect, it captures sounds only from the front while rejecting the sides and the rear. However, due to the relatively wide pick-up angle, it still tolerates some slightly off-axis singing, which is beneficial if the singer moves a lot. On the other hand, Audix OM2 is hypercardioid. It also captures sounds from the front while rejecting the sides and the rear. However, the pick-up angle is significantly tighter. As the effect, it strictly takes only on-axis sounds and doesn’t tolerate off-axis singing as much. It is also more impervious to feedback and environmental noise.

Both Audix OM2 and Shure SM58 have top-quality performance. However, the output characteristics are slightly different. Audix OM2 has a frequency response range of 50 Hz – 16 kHz. Armed with the VLM diaphragm, it has clear and precise output with exceptional voice response. It is tailored for mid-range to boost the presence of the singer’s voice, with a slight bass proximity for a full-bodied sound. On the other hand, Shure SM58 has a frequency response range of 50 Hz – 15 kHz. It has bright and crisp audio output with excellent clarity. It is able to capture subtle details very well for an accurate reproduction. Thanks to the built-in pop filter, it is able to eliminate those annoying wind and breath sounds for the best vocal clarity.

Audix OM2 Vs Shure SM58

- Clear and accurate sound reproduction
- Handles high SPL without distortion
- Provides exceptional gain before feedback
- Provides excellent vocal isolation on stage
- Designed, assembled and tested by Audix in the USA
- Bundle with Boom Stand and XLR Cable
- Designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording
- Frequency response (50 to 15,000 Hz) tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff
- Dynamic cartridge with cardioid polar pattern
- A highly effective, built-in spherical filter minimizes wind and breath "pop" noise

Finally, both models are great. You can’t go wrong with them. Audix OM2 makes a perfect choice for a singer who doesn’t move so much due to the hypercardioid polar pattern. On the other hand, Shure SM58 is awesome as a versatile mic.