Razer Seiren X vs AT2020

Microphone is a basic audio tool that everyone has used at least once in their life and it is an integral equipment as a streamer. For content creators, there are lots to choose from such as the popular Razer Seiren X Vs AT2020 which are equally amazing for the application. These microphones sound good and …

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Rode NT USB vs NT1A

Talking about the brand Rode means to talk about one of the famous microphone brands in the world. This Australian company that started in Sydney has been successfully marketed the product including their studio microphones. Some of their specialty products that are quite well known in the market are Rode NT USB VS NT1A. Since …

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Sony ECM CS3 vs CS10

Choosing a microphone may sounds simple but it can be confusing as well since there are so many of them to choose from and not all models will fit our application just the same. For those who are going to record interview and similar purposes, Sony ECM CS3 Vs CS10 will be a great choice …

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