Bluebird Mic Vs Baby Bottle

There are plenty of options when it comes to microphones but since different models will result in different sound qualities, we have to choose carefully. Depending on what you want from the unit, Bluebird Mic Vs Baby Bottle are two amazing choices for those who are going to record their vocals or voice, thanks to the clarity. If you are also eyeing these options, do check what they can offer below and pick the one that seems to fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Microphone to Purchase
  • What are Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle
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  • What else Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle can offer
  • Bluebird Mic Vs Baby Bottle

Shopping for a Microphone

Our technology has developed so much since back then when the telephone was first invented as now we can access everything and do so many other things from our smart devices. Telephones itself played an important role in how we deal with audio today both in recording and sending them back for transferring or amplification. The essential idea is still the same and with audio, everything is revolving around a transducer that converts your voice into electrical current or vice versa depending on what equipment is being used.

Microphone and speaker are the main components of audio capturing and amplifying because they can convert your voice or sound and amplify them for mass listening or when you put something in between, we may be able to alter its quality as well. Audio capturing and playback is a very common activity almost everyone is familiar with. The equipment is everywhere now due to the usefulness, from your smartphone to security cameras or baby monitors and various smart devices we carry around.

If you are here then it means a microphone is what you are currently looking for. Just like any audio equipment, they will have an effect on your audio quality and there can be a huge difference between one model and the rest yet, personal preference often matters the most here. For the initial decision making process, the first thing you may want to consider is probably the mic type and cost since not everyone will need something like a Neumann Studio mic just for home use.

Not only expensive that condenser microphone cost a lot to start, but they also require more tweaking for the room where it is being used and in addition a high-end microphone preamp is often necessary which drives the cost even higher. This is why cheaper condensers which are less sensitive will be a better deal for home use. If budget is decided, we can start to check what specification they are coming with and the most important here is probably polar pattern.

Polar patterns decide how the microphone works or more of from where they are capturing the sound source. It is well-known that a cardioid polar pattern is what most of us are going with because they only capt,ure the source from its front area while super-cardioid like Sennheiser MKE 600 Vs Rode VideoMic Pro Plus is even narrower which makes them ideal for recording purposes where you need to reject anything besides the speaker. Another example, when you have two sound sources, a figure 8 will capture sound from two opposite sides.

Bluebird Mic Baby Bottle
Product Dimensions1.9 x 1.9 x 8.8 inches
2 x 3 x 8.7 inches
Shipping Weight14.4 ounces
1.1 pounds
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About Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle

The option will most likely be unlimited when it comes to microphone because you can find tons of them out there both from less known or no name brands to those the general public are familiar with. In general, popular brands are more reliable because chances are their production process will be more monitored and have better quality control. Some manufacturers are also becoming an icon of their own whose fans can distinguish from their unique qualities be it from the external built or how the microphone sounds like in application.

Personally, as long as their products are reliable, we are fine with just any brands but sometimes we also prefer those that seem more promising like Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics’ microphones. We are pretty sure everyone is familiar with this brand because Blue is one of the biggest players in the market and this Logitech owned company is setting its products on its own level because of the good qualities both on how well they built the products and how good their sound quality is.

This brand carries various models in the catalog to fit any of your recording or streaming activities so whether you will be streaming a content or recording a song demo, there must be some ideal models to consider. For those reading this article, you may want to check Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle from this brand because they are two amazing options for various applications. These two are pretty much the same to each other including the Spark we have reviewed earlier but they are also different.

Both of them are good for various types of application but, mostly in home studio or for those who will record their voice and instrument while making video content or streaming. The Bluebird is probably what most people said as one of a very versatile microphones in its price range and similar to Baby Bottle, they are equally or the same large-diaphragm capacitor. For the latter, this one is almost like a cheaper version of their older Bottle mic which is sold at around 3 or 4 thousands.

Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle Design

From the external qualities both Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle are very much the same to each other and when you put them side by side their length is about the same as well while the diameter of the tube is probably about an inch. The colors however, are different and as you can see, the Bluebird is the same to its name or Blue metallic instead of dark grey. For the top cap design, they are slightly different yet the overall height is the same.

The grill design is also a bit different with Baby Bottle completely round and the Bluebird is flat on the front side. What we love the most from the external point is probably their build quality because they are very robust and made from all metal including how the grill is very stiff to ensure longevity. Unlike many other microphones in this price range, Blue packed these two in a wooden box while including a shock mount as well.

Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle Sound Quality

Moving further, let’s check what they can offer and starting with the specification, Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle are the same condenser model and in frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Their sensitivity is different however, from 28.5mV/Pa at 1kHz while the latter is 39.8mV/Pa at 1kHz with output impedance is the same at 50 ohm. As for the maximum SPL they are about the same at 138 and 139 dB SPL respectively and noise levels are also very low at 11.7 dB-A and 10.8 dB.

Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle Performance 

As you can see, both of them are not very far apart from each other in specification but, they do sound a bit different in real life application. First thing first none of them are a bad option and we do think you can go well with just any of these microphones but the sound they produce may help you choose which seems best for your activity. With Bluebird, this microphone is very pronounced, it’s high is sharper than Baby Bottle in general.

For example, if you are playing an electric guitar to the unit, the latter will sound deeper than Bluebird which can produce brighter sound; even brighter than the Spark microphone. In our ears, the Blue Baby Bottle sounds better, it sounds warmer and just more comfortable to listen too without the harsh top end. We do think it is an amazing microphone for vocals especially those whose singing voice is not too high but will be great for voice recording like streaming or making video content.

On the other hand the Bluebird is more ideal for instruments that carry bright qualities like string instruments as it can give presence to your playing. As for the microphones off-axis rejection, we do think they are the same as a cardioid unit but in comparison we do like the off-axis coloration and rejection of Bluebird better.

Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle Features

On the feature part, there is nothing interesting in Bluebird Mic and Baby Bottle because everything is kept simple here and what you will find in the unit is only two switches located at the front of these microphones. These switches are easy to flick with your thumb and one is made for high-pass filters that will roll off frequencies starting at 100Hz at around 12dB per octave while the latter is a negative 20dB pad for those recording loud sources in order not to overdrive the microphone.

Bluebird Mic Vs Baby Bottle

These condenser microphones are amazing for the price point and they are very similar in qualities as well as features. What’s quite different is the sound they produce because you can definitely hear that Bluebird is brighter in general which makes it better for string instrument to gives the nuance to your sound but the Baby Bottle is deeper in comparison which tend to give a warmer effect to your voice and for streaming or voice recording, we personally prefer this type of sound.

- Extended upper clarity with smooth mid frequencies for any voice or instrument
- Hand-built proprietary large-diaphragm cardioid capsule for full, open sound
- High-pass filter and -20dB pad for ultimate versatility
- Works great with home studio audio interfaces
- Warm, classic sonic signature that flatters an array of voices and instruments
- High output with richly detailed frequency response
- High-pass filter and -20dB pad for ultimate versatility
- Works great with home studio USB audio interfaces


All in all you can choose any of them based on which seems better for the type of application we will be using them in. In comparison we love Baby Bottle the most from the similar models by Blue because of its warm sound which in our ears is more pleasing to listen to.