HyperX Solocast VS Razer Seiren X

Headsets are convenient but their microphone quality is not the best especially if you are also focusing on audio quality. There are plenty of options to choose from in order to improve the audio and one of them is by using dedicated microphones such as HyperX SoloCast Vs Razer Seiren X. These microphones are also very convenient for the desktop application and if you wonder which of them will be the better choice, let’s see how they are different here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Microphone
  • What are HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X
  • How are the Build Quality of HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X
  • How are the Setup of HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X
  • How are the Sound Quality of HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X
  • What else HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X can offer
  • HyperX SoloCast Vs Razer Seiren X

Microphones for Better Audio Quality

Audio quality can be quite complicated and not everyone who is going to have a work related to this factor is having adequate experience too. The internet is a good place to start learning about what you need and we are sure there are lots of communities that can help around to achieve your goals. For streaming purposes, it is best to get the microphone that is not only easy to use or setup in your workspace but also sounds as good as you want it to be.

Unlike with headsets for example that are combining both headphone and the microphone in one device, it is probably wise to get a dedicated microphone instead. We have to spend more for this separate equipment but they will be worth it, especially if you are aiming to get a better audio quality. A dedicated microphone will improve how your voice is heard by the audience and in many cases, they can even make it even more pleasant to listen to, besides having to deliver it clean and clear.

For a dedicated microphone, it is probably best to have a listen before you buy them or choose based on how you want them to sound like. Microphones will have their specs too in order to give an idea for the users about what they can offer. In general, you can choose between dynamic and condenser in which the latter is more sensitive and is good for recording in a quiet room while the other is more durable and not as sensitive means it is good too for usage in a place with ambient noise or untreated.

For streaming purposes we can opt for USB microphones such as Elgato Wave 3 which most often is also a condenser microphone. They are favored by many because you can just plug and start recording without much fuss; unlike those coming with an XLR connector which requires an interface or another type of equipment to connect with the computer. In addition, there are also people who opt for shotgun models like the Rode NTG4+ Vs NTG5 especially those with more experience.

This type of microphone can have different power sources but is best when it comes to directionality because it is often used in filming situations which makes the ability to reject off-axis sound superb. However, the setup or placement can get quite complicated depending on the room. They are also quite expensive than typical condenser or USB microphones that you can find under $100 from lots of different brands.

HyperX SolocastRazer Seiren X
Product Dimensions6.85 x 3.82 x 3.07 inches
4.1 x 7.72 x 8.43 inches
Shipping Weight9.2 ounces 13.5 ounces
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About HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X

There is no single microphone that will just fit in everyone’s application and pocket so rather than getting the most expensive or popular options, we should consider what we need from the microphone and how we want the sound to be. For new users or those who just got started into the work it is also good to choose the affordable options and slowly work the choice with more experience in hand. Putting a budget range is good too for effective shopping time.

For users who will be using the microphone for streaming purposes, the HyperX and Razer are two good options to shop from. These two may not be coming from the audio segment but more focusing on gaming peripherals and if your type of content is game related it is just convenient to create a more seamless setup, moreover if you already have some of their equipment in the room. Both are good options but depending on the model, the experience can be different too.

Below $100, we have HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X which are similar but not the same. Aesthetically you can say that Seiren X is more comparable to the QuadCast but this microphone is more expensive and not everyone will want to have the features it can offer in exchange to the cost. In comparison, these two are very affordable, easy to use and more importantly sound good too. The Seiren X is theoretically better than SoloCast but in real-life the tech is not implemented well.

What we think separates the two prominently will be their polar pattern and this is because the Seiren X is narrower thus, in theory should be better, moreover we are talking mostly about desktop setup but, the two are more similar than different here. However, for the sound quality itself both HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X are good and should improve the experience too when paired with your favorite streaming/audio software as well as headphones.

HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X Design

Before getting into what these microphones can offer, first let’s see the unit because one of our concerns about affordable microphones is they often seem not as well-made or robust compared to the higher end options. The Seiren X is better here because the casing is made of aluminum which makes the unit not only looks better but also feels more reassuring. On the other hand the SoloCast is made from plastic so while it is light, it doesn’t feel as sturdy.

Both are pretty compact equipment and similarly not as tall on the table. As you can expect the two come with their own mount for convenience but we can change the mounting too if needed especially if we type often or the table itself often gets nudged by your movement. For table mounting, these mounts are adjustable to be straight or in an angle to match your position or comfort. You can find a USB port on the unit, connected to a USB cable to the computer and some buttons for built-in features.

HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X Setup

As it has been mentioned above, besides about how they sound, these microphones are also easy to use and the best thing about the USB connector is we can just plug them to the computer without much fuss. We don’t need anything in between these microphones to the computer and they are not OS specific either so both Windows and Mac owners will be able to use them. We are also free to use any software or streaming service as we preferred.

HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X Sound Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X can offer starting from the sound quality itself because most people must wonder how good these two are and here, they are rather flat but not exactly the same. If asked which of them will be the neutral one, we will say SoloCast because this microphone is keeping it flat across frequency while for the Seiren X you will notice a drop along the higher frequency.

It is not bad and some people may like this type of sound better because they don’t really like the highs of their voice but it also reduces some presence to it. Personally we like how the SoloCast captures the voice as it feels more natural. Another difference is that Seiren X is claimed for being a supercardioid which means it should work better rejecting off-axis sound but when tested it is not different from typical USB microphones with regular cardioid polar pattern including SoloCast.

HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X Ease of Use

Lastly on the ease of use, the HyperX SoloCast and Razer Seiren X are coming with very little features and the basic is just single polar pattern or cardioid and supercardioid respectively. However, we are glad that the Seiren X is also offering a port to add your headphone for zero latency monitoring while the SoloCast needs you to plug it somewhere on the computer or using other equipment to achieve the same purpose. Another feature we love from these microphones is their muting button that you can easily access on the unit.


Both of these streaming microphones are very similar but also different and in general we can say that the Razer Seiren X is the higher choice not only because it is more expensive but also because it has better built quality and more features in the unit. It is also claimed to be supercardioid but the rejection is not as effective as we had hoped it to be.

When it comes to sound quality, they are not the same as well and while both keep the low and mid to be flat, the highs are subdued on the Seiren X. Overall the SoloCast sounds more natural to our ears. It can be personal preference so depending on which you like better, our choice can be different.

- Plug N Play audio recording: Get quality audio recordings with this easy-to-use USB condenser microphone. The cardioid polar pattern prioritizes sound sources directly in front of the microphone.
- Tap-to-Mute sensor with LED status indicator: Simply tap the top of the mic to mute, and the signature LED indicator lets you immediately see whether or not you’re broadcasting.
- Flexible, adjustable stand: The easy-to-position stand swivels to support a variety of setups. You can even fit under a monitor if your setup is tight on space.
- Boom arm and mic stand threading: Versatile microphone fits 3'8-inch and 5'8-inch threaded setups, making it compatible with most mic stands or boom arms.
- The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Keyboards, Mice, PC. Headset/Pc Microphone, Gaming Designed, based on dollar sales, 2017-2021
- Built-In background Noise. Reduction: Utilizes a supercardiod pickup microphone to eliminate distracting noises further away from the microphone for professional-grade stream audio.
- Built-In Shock Mount: Dampens vibrations to help protect against bumps for smooth and uninterrupted audio.
- Zero Latency Monitoring: Allows for real-time in-stream monitoring without confusing echos.


You can go amazing with any of these microphones because they are equally a good option but personally we like the sound from SoloCast as it is more neutral and this microphone is much cheaper too for you to start the journey.