HyperX vs Turtle Beach Mic 

If you want to ensure the best audio quality in your streams and podcasts, you can’t substitute a real high-quality mic. HyperX QuadCast and Turtle Beach Stream Mic are two gaming-oriented mics that have been pulling attraction. Below, you can see how HyperX vs Turtle Beach Mic compare against each other and which one that is generally more recommended.

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  • The comparison of these mics’ design and build
  • The additional features on each mic
  • Which mic that is more versatile, suitable for different purposes
  • The comparison of their sound quality
  • Whether you should go for HyperX or Turtle Beach Mic to get the best value

HyperX QuadCast: Overview

At first, HyperX QuadCast may look like a hairbrush without the bristles, sitting on a solid dual shock mount. You can find the gain dial on the bottom part of the mic, whereas the pickup pattern selector in on the back. See also: Razer Seiren vs AT2020

Behind the grille, there is a built-in foam layer which will reduce pressure spikes from plosives. It is not necessary to get an additional pop filter.

After taking the mic out from the box, you can plug it directly to your computer. Doing so will cause your computer’s mic input and sound output to default to HyperX QuadCast – this is because the mic features a 3.5mm jack that can pass your computer’s sound output.

This is really nice because, by plugging your headphones to HyperX QuadCast’s 3.5mm jack, you will be able to hear your game sound as well as your own voice in real time. Moreover, you can use HyperX QuadCast not only for streaming but also voice chat during your game. You can connect the mic to PC, Mac, Xbox, or PS4 via USB.

HyperXTurtle Beach Mic 
Product Dimensions5 x 4 x 9.8 inches
4 x 6 x 4 inches
Shipping Weight9 ounces
1.8 pounds
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HyperX QuadCast: Pros

  • Impressive Sound Quality

First and foremost, the sound quality of HyperX vs Turtle Beach Mic is superior. HyperX QuadCast is easily one of the very best USB mics available in the market. It sounds better than pretty much any competitor.

The sound comes out clean, precise, and detailed. There are four selectable pickup patterns, which are cardioid, bidirectional, stereo, and omnidirectional. If you are streaming alone, you want to choose the cardioid option, which happens to be effective for isolating ambient noise.

The other modes are handy when you want to record sounds from different directions. They also sound great on YouTube and Twitch. Thanks to the foam layer under the grille, the mic is quite resistant against wind and breath noise. As the effect, the omnidirectional pickup pattern is actually usable here.

  • Smart Functions

Yes, the sound quality is awesome, but that’s not the only thing about HyperX QuadCast. It also has some cool functions and features that make it very practical and convenient to use.

Whenever the mic is active, the red LEDs inside will light up. This way, people will be able to tell whether you have a hot mic on your desk or not.

You can mute the mic temporarily simply by tapping on the top. HyperX QuadCast has a touch-sensitive mute button which, unlike physical buttons and switches, will not create a loud click that may get captured into the recording. And, since the button is located on the top, there is almost zero chance to re-activate the mic by accident.

  • Integrated Shock Mount

The dual shock mount of HyperX QuadCast also makes a very good reason to choose this mic. The said feature alone already brings this mic over other gaming-oriented microphones.

Many USB mics actually have decent sound, but they are also very sensitive that they tend to pick thuds and bumps easily. This is a big problem if you place the mic on the same desk as your keyboard and mouse. With HyperX QuadCast, you will never have to worry about such a problem, because the dual shock mount will eliminate any mechanical vibration.

HyperX QuadCast: Cons

  • Requires Some Fine-Tuning

Don’t get it wrong; HyperX QuadCast vs Turtle Beach Mic already sounds good right out of the box. However, you may need to tweak your set-up in order to get the absolute best results.

Note that the microphone has its own gain control. This is independent from any software that you may be using. You will need some time to fine-tune the mic’s gain and the software’s settings, as different combinations may yield different results.

  • Turtle Beach Stream Mic: Overview

Turtle Beach Stream Mic is a USB microphone that is targeted at streaming and podcasting. The company claims that this microphone is ideal for people seeking professional-quality sound for gaming on Xbox Live, Twitch, and YouTube.

You get what you pay for. This mic is fairly expensive, but the build quality is exceptional. The solid housing is made of gloss and matte plastics, and is paired with a metallic grille, frame, and base. It just won’t break. It comes with additional accessories for mounting on an armor stand. There is an output jack for direct monitoring.

One similarity between HyperX vs Turtle Beach Mic, this unit also has four selectable polar patterns. But, instead of a stereo polar pattern, Turtle Beach Stream Mic has replaced it with hypercardioid. So, the four options are cardioid, hypercardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional. If you press the button long enough, you can toggle between high sensitivity mode and low sensitivity mode. 

The mic has its own Windows app. Here, you can customize the mic’s EQ and access some additional features, such as the Announcer Mode (which will add a reverb effect to your voice) and the Noise Gate (which is an additional processing for reducing background noise). You can also disable the mic LED lights if you want to.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic: Pros

  • Good Sound Quality

Turtle Beach Stream Mic indeed sounds good. It is definitely a step-up from any headset with an integrated mic. This is a great upgrade for people who have been live-streaming from native apps on Xbox or PS4 using gaming headsets.

Not only that; Turtle Beach Stream Mic is also able to do processing all by itself. You won’t need to use any additional software or hardware to filter background noise. This mic can handle a variety of situations better than basic USB mics, and it is definitely usable for interviews, podcasts, and voice-over works.

  • Nice Flexibility

This is still related to the built-in processing capability of Turtle Beach Stream Mic. The microphone can easily connect to pretty much anything. If you want to perform audio recording on PC, Xbox, or PS4, Turtle Beach Stream Mic is an easy and simple solution.

Of course, having a set of dedicated equipment can deliver better results. For example, pairing your PC with a sound mixer and an XLR mic can give you audiophile-grade sound. But that will complicate your set-up. Turtle Beach Stream Mic, on the other hand, is just as simple as plug and play.

  • Convenient Features

When choosing between HyperX vs Turtle Beach Mic, one may want to consider the fact that Turtle Beach Stream Mic is quite smaller and more compact. Even when sitting on its stand, this mic still doesn’t eat up much space.

The included stand is well-designed, albeit lacking a shock mount. Still, it will allow you to reach the mute button and pickup pattern selector easily. The main idea of this microphone, after all, is simplicity. You will be able to switch the pickup pattern on the fly. Last but not least, there is a line-out for real-time monitoring of your own voice.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic: Cons

  • Prone to Physical Vibrations

As mentioned above, the included stand that comes with Turtle Beach Stream Mic is a fairly basic one. It does not have an integrated shock mount. As the effect, the microphone is prone to physical vibrations.

If you place the mic on your desk together with the keyboard and mouse, Turtle Beach Stream Mic will pick up all those clicks, keypresses, and scratches. Your viewers won’t really appreciate such noise. In order to avoid the issue, you can get a shock mount, but this defeats the purpose of the included stand in the first place.

  • Good, But Not Great Sound Quality

For sure, the sound quality of Turtle Beach Stream Mic is not as good as HyperX QuadCast. There is a lack of accuracy and detail. The sound also does not have enough warmth to make human voice enjoyable.

If you are working in a quiet room, the built-in processing of Turtle Beach Stream Mic will become a bad thing, as it will cause the sound output to be over-compressed and unnatural. Tweaking the sound in post-production can help a little, but this won’t create miracles.

HyperX vs Turtle Beach Mic

- Anti vibration shock mount
- Tap to mute sensor with LED indicator
- Four selectable polar patterns
- Mount adapter included
- Console Livestreaming Made Easy
- Adaptive Mic Patterns with TruSpeak Technology
- Professional Processing Performance
- Built In Headphone Amplifier


Between these two microphones, HyperX QuadCast is better and more recommended. It is superior in terms of design, build quality, and sound quality. It has a built-in shock mount and pop filter. The sound is clean, rich, and accurate. It is one of the very best USB microphones available in the market.