Razer Seiren Pro Elite Review: XLR and USB Digital Microphone

Making music is probably one of the expensive hobby. When you want to build a decent Home Studio, it’s hard to find a way to keep within the budget frugal without ending up with a sound that is not good. Microphones are one of the most important things in the studio because it will be the main input source of your recordings. A good quality microphone of course will be directly proportional to the results of your recordings. Microphone products from Razer as possible is one that meets the criteria for recording is best for you. The Razer Pro Elite with Seiren the review, there will be in this article. Enjoy!

Razer Seiren Pro Elite Review XLR and USB Digital Microphone

The build quality of this mic is excellent. It has an all metal stand. Metal body. Metal grill. There are a few scattered pieces of plastic in the build, but nothing that raises concerns. Basically, everything feels well built. The front has an LED display that shows mic gain, headphone gain, and current polar pattern. Directly below that is the headphone volume control and a microphone mute button. There are two dials on the back. The top dial is the polar pattern selector that allows you to switch between all 4 different polar patterns. The bottom dial controls the microphone gain. The bottom has the 5-pin XLR Jack, Microphone Mount, USB Port, Headphone Port, and a high-pass filter button which allows you to cut troublesome low frequencies. The frequency response alters with each polar pattern, but the documentation lists that it the microphone is capable of 20Hz – 20kHz performance. It seemed to accurately represent the instruments being tested on it, and sounded very nice on the voice.

The Razer Seiren Pro Elite is massive especially in the staging of the sound is a lot more natural. Audio recorded with the Seiren Pro doesn’t feel canned in the same way that the MacBook’s microphone. The Razer Seiren Pro’s is so well-built, the base metal, which has a foam pad on the underside, is wide and low and does an excellent job of holding a capsule microphone stable on the table and isolating it somewhat from any lower bumps and taps that may occur. You do not need a base if you use a shock mount, obviously, but that’s besides the point. The microphone itself is very sturdy, and the control system will be a pleasant surprise for anyone who has been around fragile audio equipment and a faux-protective barrier that dents easily. The fact that Seiren Pro has an integrated USB digital audio converter and basically a high-end sound card is also great.


- HD recording with outstanding clarity - 4 adjustable recording patterns (Cardioid, Stereo, Omni, Bi-directional) - Quick controls for pattern switching, headphone volume and mic gain - Built-in headphone amplifier with zero latency output - Play and play recording via single USB or XLR connection - High-pass filter-filters frequencies below 100Hz

Finally when we do conclusion, we will explain the pros part of using Razer Seiren Pro Elite. This product is the versatility, why? Because while it is not going to compete with the high-end specialized microphones of the world. It is even going to be right with almost everything you throw at this thing. Great? Not enough of that, If you are finding and starting to dabble and record with this mic, but you do not have enough to purchase with the expensive one, Razer Seiren Pro Elite is going to be your solution over the problem you have. It will absolutely do the job you want and then also continue to pull its weight when what you want out of your microphone gets to be more advanced.

Specifications of Razer Seiren Pro Elite
· Featuring a 5V 300mA draw through a single USB connection to your PC or a 48V DC (analog) draw through XLR
· A sample rate of 192 kHz
· A bitrate of 24-bit and 14mm condenser capsules
· Frequency response of 20Hz until 20kHz
· A sensitivity of 12.5mV/PA @1kHz
· A maximum SPL of 120dB
· Amplifier of >16ohmx
· A poer output of 120mW @ 16Ohms
· Featuring cardioid, stereo, omni-directional modes

Pros of Razer Seiren Pro Elite
· The Razer Seirēn Pro is a versatile multi-pattern XLR and USB digital microphone with the recording capabilities of a professional-grade studio setup
· High definition studio-grade recording
· Simple Design And Useful Features
· Excellent build quality
· Ultra low Noise Floor
· Great Frequency response

Price for Razer Seiren Pro Elite
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