Razer Seiren VS Seiren Elite

Microphone is the key to your audio quality because a good microphone will help elevate the sound you record. For those who are planning on recording or streaming with the microphone, Razer Seiren Vs Seiren Elite are two ideal options to consider. These mics are close models so their sound characters are very similar to each other. Before deciding the option, let’s see what they can offer here so you can choose better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Good Microphones
  • What ar Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite
  • How are the Unit of Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite
  • How are the Specs of Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite
  • How are the Sound Quality of Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite
  • What else Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite can offer
  • Razer Seiren Vs Seiren Elite

Good Microphones

The tool you will need to capture sound is a microphone just like how a camera is used to capture a scene, picture, two dimensional version of a real life object. The microphone is playing a huge role in deciding how you will sound like to other people listening through their device and to you when monitoring or watching and listening to the result. We have different voices and so does the microphone have their own character based on how the equipment is designed.

For those who wonder if a microphone will make someone’s voice sound better, the answer is yes. Microphones are converting the vibration from our voice to the electrical signal to be send somewhere else like a stereo system. They can make your voice sound better because some aspects of the recorded voice including prominence of specific frequencies, color, tone, and clarity can be improved by choosing the right microphone for your voice. However, this also means everything in the system will play small or huge role to the end result.

So how about the accuracy of your voice in a video? While they may sound to be different from how you hear it in real life, it is actually more accurate and this is how other people are recognizing your voice as well since they can only hear it through air conveyance without the reverberation from our head and face. This is why other people don’t find it strange when listening to your voice through a video because it is what they are more familiar with.

Microphone itself is only a transducer so it can’t work on its own since the sound needs to go somewhere and this is why what affects your sound quality is not stopping on the microphone choice. In general the microphone, speakers, audio compression, playback speed, and the acoustics of your recording place play a role in the end result. This is also why the sound we recorded is more natural and more accurate to how we actually sound to other people than to ourselves.

Especially in a professional setting, you may have concerns about your voice and what needs to be improved so the term better is actually very complex. You can decide what needs to be improved from the voice such as tone, pitch, pronunciation, delivery, and rhythm for example. Each of them can be improved with some practice or with a certain mic. The microphone choice varies based on which sounds more pleasant or ideal according to your standard. Usually they are not going to give a night and day difference but it is worth trying.

 Razer SeirenSeiren Elite
Product Dimensions3.54 x 3.54 x 7.24 inches 8.91 x 3.54 x 2.69 inches
Shipping Weight13.5 ounces 27.68 ounces
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About Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite

With how microphone’s usage getting more diverse, companies are designing their products to target more specific markets which is great because you can find the ideal options much faster such as if the mic is going to be used for entertainment at home we can consider Shure BLX288 Vs BLX24 or if you will be using it to stream audio like podcasting, the very popular Yeti from Blue microphones can be a great option as well. This way the microphone will be more ideal for a specific purpose.

Among those many companies offering good microphones, if your application is calling for something that can be easily connected and working with PC or laptop, the Razer is a very promising option to consider as well. This is a gaming centric company and you may be familiar with its extensive range of gaming mouse, keyboard, or headset. But, since many gamers also stream their play, Razer made Seiren series that carry various microphones made for desktop use with USB cable.

The lineup changes from time to time but today the Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite are still pretty easy to find. The Seiren we are talking about here is the Seiren X because the original microphone was discontinued for quite some time already but the Elite is still available to purchase. The current lineup from this family are Seiren Mini, X V2, and Seiren Pro V2 but it can always change in the future so they may introduce new models or new iterations from this collection.

The Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite are very similar to each other and the more expensive options from the family. For example the Elite variant was about twice the price as X when they were first launched. In comparison, the more expensive Elite is offering more and we mean features here because the X variant is quite a simple microphone so if you want more on-board features, this Elite mic will be a very promising option.

Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite Design

Because both of these microphones are not actually on the entry level from their family, you get a very good build quality here by using metal for the housing and you get the adjustable base too. As you can see, they may look kind of similar based on the shape and design but the Elite is actually taller at about 9 inches from the base to top while the Seiren X is around 7.2 inches, also with the base. Overall build quality is very good and they are heavy.

While the design is similar, Elite has a top orientation or you will need to speak to the top while the Seiren X is from the side. In the box you get the USB cable to connect the microphone and a filter too for the Elite. There are some knobs or buttons on these microphones for their built in features but only Elite has the gain and filter switch located at the back of the capsule.

Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite Specs

Moving further, let’s see what the Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite can offer starting from the specs because they are very similar here. The Seiren X is a condenser microphone, the same as Mini variant while Elite is a dynamic microphone. However, they are recording at the same sample rate of 44.1kHz/48kHz and at 16 bit. The maximum SPL are 110dB and 120dB respectively while the impedance is 16 Ohm. While this X variant is a condenser, you only need a regular USB port to power it.

Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite Sound Quality

Now for the sound character, they are very similar here but also not exactly identical. The Seiren X is good at rejecting plosives but if you are going to talk closer to the mic, we highly recommend adding a pop filter for this microphone. The Elite variant is better at rejecting plosives with the foam filter but when you use it on its own, the two are going to be more similar. From the sound character, they are very pleasant to listen to, especially the Elite microphone.

This microphone is better for close proximity application since it is not as prominent in plosives and your voice sounds warmer too when speaking closely to the capsule. For many people this is a preferred character for their voice and we do think it also sounds very good. On the clarity both Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite are very similar but when you move a bit further from the mic, Seiren X is capturing more from your room so it may affect how your voice sounds to the audience.

Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite Features

Lastly on the features, you can find some similar features on Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite such as the mute button and the volume knob. Both Razer Seiren and Seiren Elite come with a headphone jack as well so you can do direct, lag-free monitoring and easily control the volume. However, as a higher model, Elite is also featured with a gain knob to adjust the input thus we don’t need to do it on the software anymore and this is necessary since dynamic mic is known to be gain hungry.

In addition, it also has a high-pass filter switch on the back of the microphone which can be useful depending on how you want your voice to sound. When you record close to the mic and you don’t want that deep or warm nuance, this filter will help make your voice sounds brighter by cutting the low end.

Razer Seiren Vs Seiren Elite

There are so many good microphones out there and these two are some of the most promising options for streaming purposes. The main difference in our opinion beside from which side you will talk to the mic is that Elite sounds warmer and with the foam screen, it eliminates plosives better than the Seiren X. Another difference is it also has more features like gain and high-pass filter to make the mic more convenient.

- The Razer siren x is the microphone designed specially to elevate the quality of streams
- Built-In background Noise Reduction: Utilizes a supercardiod pickup microphone to eliminate distracting noises further away from the microphone for professional-grade stream audio
- Built-In Shock Mount: Dampens vibrations to help protect against bumps for smooth and uninterrupted audio
- Zero Latency Monitoring: Allows for real-time in-stream monitoring without confusing echos
- Professional Grade - Single dynamic capsule ensures minimal electronic interference for a richer, warmer and true to life broadcasting experience
- Built in High-Pass Filter - Cuts out unwanted low-frequency vibrations (footsteps or the rumbles of an air conditioner) to provide only the cleanest recording signals
- Digital/Analog Vocal Limiter
- Zero Latency Monitoring


We do like both microphones because they sound really good, especially for speech but they will be better with a pop up filter as well. If you talk close to the mic or prefer a warm sound of your voice, we will recommend getting the Seiren Elite.