Razer Seiren X vs AT2020

Microphone is a basic audio tool that everyone has used at least once in their life and it is an integral equipment as a streamer. For content creators, there are lots to choose from such as the popular Razer Seiren X Vs AT2020 which are equally amazing for the application. These microphones sound good and very durable as well but, can be slightly different and, before deciding which to go for, do check what they can offer below to shop better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • Razer Seiren X Vs AT2020

Microphone for Content Maker

Audio recording has been around for quite some time already and the method to store as well as playing back an audio did become a huge invention that plays an important role in our today’s technology as well. In fact they are everywhere for the function and convenience so when we need them they are always available. To capture and play back an audio however, we will need all required components from microphone, storage, and speaker all combined in the setup or the same system.

If you are here then it means a microphone is what you currently need and for this capturing tool, there are lots to consider when looking for one. Microphone function itself is only one and it is to capture the sound around it or right near the component to be sent into another system or to be broadcasted instantly through the speaker. While all of them can do the same thing, not all will be the same in terms of performance and just like speakers, they vary slightly or greatly.

Picking a microphone sounds like an easy task but when faced with the vast amount of options out there, things can be very different. Chances are they need to be fitted into the type of usage we are currently doing; not exactly the theme or content we made but the kind of environment where the microphone will be used. For example video bloggers who are making content of interesting places all around the world will need a different microphone to those streaming games in their home studio.

Razer Seiren X AT2020
Product Dimensions4.1 x 7.72 x 8.43 inches
9.6 x 9.6 x 2.6 inches
Shipping Weight12.8 ounces
1.32 pounds
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The best option should be the one that matches their purpose and it is the same for a microphone. When choosing one however, besides how it is in practice you may want to consider some of their characteristics as well such as the polar pattern. This is important since it decides from where the microphone will capture sound and it is highly related to the environment. If the sound it needs to be captured will come from every direction, omnidirectional is the best choice while cardioid is ideal for a single source.

If you will be interviewing someone and the sound we need to capture comes from two directions, we can arrange the source to face each other and place the microphone in the middle so a bi-directional is best for this type of application. For those whose works are heavily relying on the computer, we may choose to use either a traditional XLR or USB microphone. XLR is more versatile for different gears but USB is the most convenient if you only use the microphone with a computer.

About Razer Seiren X and AT2020

Today where streaming is a hyped trend, you can find tons of microphones aimed at this specific market and most of them are also amazing yet, not going to be identical to each other. Many of them are also coming with a more convenient connectivity to let you directly plug the microphone to the computer so we don’t need an interface anymore. Personally we often shop from well-known names for microphone because they are often being more reliable as well as affordable without scarifying quality.

For streamers, content makers, and podcasters, the type of microphone we need are mostly the same with some little difference in details depending on each personal preference but we are sure most people agree that Razer and Audio Technica are two great brands to shop from. These two are popular in different markets as Razer is a gaming centric brand and the latter is a very well-known audio gear manufacturer. They are on top of their own market but their microphone is an equally nice choice for a content maker.

For those looking for a good, affordable desktop microphone for streaming or podcast, Razer Seiren X and AT2020 are two very ideal options to consider. Both of them are on the same price level and the fact that many are liking the sound they capture is what makes them among the best choices you can opt for at this price level. Surely something like Shure SM7B Vs Rode NT1A are what many seasoned users are going with but, if you just started and want to keep the budget low we can already get a lot from these two.

In our opinion Razer Seiren X and AT2020 are ideal for both gamers or streamers and podcasters who want to have a better audio quality if they were previously using the microphone in their headset. They sound good, not exactly amazing but pleasing and best in application that will require the user to sit in the front of their PC.

Razer Seiren X and AT2020 Design

Just like with any product, the microphone needs to be robust but we are a bit disappointed with Seiren X since this model is not made from metal fully like most amazing units out there. The housing itself is made of plastic with a metal grill at the top so the microphone does feel light at hand. At the front there are two controls; one is for muting the microphone and the other one at the top is to adjust the volume of your headphone. 

On the other hand, the AT2020 is much better for the built quality because this model is coming in a full metal body and feels substantial as well. The unit itself is the same black with matte finish but you won’t find anything on the body besides the mounting. We also want to mention that the mounting it comes with is made from metal as well so all of them are very solid. There are marks on the casing that tell you which is front and back so we won’t be talking to the wrong side.

Razer Seiren X and AT2020 Setup

Moving further let’s talk about the setup first because Razer Seiren X and AT2020 are already very different from here since the latter is a true condenser microphone so it will not work directly with computer and we need to put an interface in the middle as we can only use XLR with this model, so if you choose this, do make sure to also have audio interface to power the unit and the cable too for it doesn’t come with it.

For Razer Seiren X, this microphone is a true gaming option in our opinion since it is very convenient. The unit comes with a USB cable that you can hook up from the bottom of the mic to the USB port directly thus, there is no need for additional gear. 

Razer Seiren X and AT2020 Performance 

Now let’s see what these microphones can offer but first, let us mention that they are cardioid versus super cardioid which means the latter is more directional and has sensitive rear lobes that pick up sound so it can be a bit tricky to place properly if you have noise sources near the setup. For the frequency response they are the same from 20Hz to 20kHz or just about everything our human ears can hear.

For the sound quality both of them are actually good, they are pleasant to listen to but the AT2020 is probably for those who are wishing for a much better audio quality, the type that they want to tweak further or want to use for music purpose as well, moreover, it needs an interface to work. For the Seiren X, it sounds good but there is nothing special either and somehow the table stand will create some noise if you are typing while talking as well.

Razer Seiren X and AT2020 Features

What we appreciate highly from Seiren X is the fact that they gave you a zero latency monitoring and while at first we do hope it is convenient or useful, somehow the sound coming out is very quiet compared to the computer sound so unless we tone down the computer, we won’t be able to listen to our voice properly. We also like its mute button since it is useful to turn off the microphone when needed without using the PC.

Razer Seiren X vs AT2020

These microphones are good for streaming or podcast but we do think the AT2020 is better in terms of giving you a more solid audio quality yet, right out of the box they sound good for the mentioned application. Since AT2020 is a condenser microphone, we do need an audio interface to use it, unlike the Seiren X which can use the USB port to connect. For the feature, Seiren X is richer but not very useful in real-life.

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- Built-In Background Noise Reduction: Utilizes a supercardiod pickup microphone to eliminate distracting noises further away from the microphone for professional-grade stream audio
- Built-In Shock Mount: Dampens vibrations to help protect against bumps for smooth and uninterrupted audio
- Zero Latency Monitoring: Allows for real-time in-stream monitoring without confusing echos
- The price/performance standard in side address studio condenser microphone technology
- Ideal for project/home studio applications; The noise level is 20 db spl
- High spl handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
- Custom engineered low mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response


All in all you can choose which seems to fit your application the most. For just gaming purposes we do think Razer Seiren X is a good choice but if you are more serious for audio quality, we highly recommend the AT2020 from Audio Technica.