Rode K2 Vs Neumann U87 Comparison

In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between Rode K2 vs Neumann U87. Both of them are condenser microphones with multiple polar patterns. However, Rode K2 is available at a much lower price point. Despite being more affordable, its features do look more attractive. On the other hand, though, Neumann U87 has been considered by many as one of the very best condenser models available for the money. Continue reading below to determine which one is better for you.

Rode K2 Vs Neumann U87

Design and Dimensions
Interestingly, Rode K2 and Neumann U87 are about the same size. Rode K2 measures 208 mm long, with a diameter of 55 mm. The weight is about 815 grams. The build quality is very good; it features a welded, heat-treated steel mesh head which is highly durable. Inside, there is an internal shock mount and one-inch capsule with gold-sputtered diaphragm. There is a dedicated power supply for the mic.

On the other hand, Neumann U87 measures 200 mm long and 56 mm wide. The weight is approximately 500 grams. It comes with a pressure-gradient transducer with a double-membrane capsule. The metallic casing and grille are solid and rugged.

Technical Specs

Rode K2Neumann U87
- Polar Pattern : Cardioid, Figure 8, Omnidirectional- Directional patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-810dB attenuation switch127dB
- Frequency Range : 20Hz - 20kHz- SPL handling response : 20Hz to 20kHz
- Output Impedance : 200Ω- Impedance rated : 200 ohms

Both mics have three polar patterns: cardioid, figure-eight, and omnidirectional. They are both very versatile, as they can be adapted to suit different needs and conditions. By the way, take a look at our previous post about Neumann U67 vs U87!

Rode K2 comes with a dedicated power supply, so there is no need to worry about adjusting the phantom power. It already has a very high maximum SPL handling by default, which is 162 dB. With such high level, this mic can easily take care of even the loudest singers. In addition, the self noise level is impressively low at 10dBA.

On the other hand, Neumann U87 requires +48V phantom power. The maximum SPL handling is only 117 dB, but there is a -10dB pre-attenuation pad which you can activate to increase the limit to 127 dB. This is still lower than Rode K2’s maximum SPL handling. Meanwhile, the lowest self noise level is 12 dBA, which is on the cardioid polar pattern. Neumann U87 also features a switchable low-frequency roll off, which is handy for reducing mechanical handling noise and wind noise.

Sound Quality
Despite the price difference between Rode K2 vs Neumann U87, the performance of Rode K2 is very impressive. It has very low self noise, so the mic can capture the sound with great clarity. The produced output is accurate and detailed. The output character tends to be bright, which is quite common for condenser mics.

On the other hand, Neumann U87 has a balanced sound that is accurate and natural. It also offers very good clarity, as the self noise level is also very low. It is quite versatile, suitable for vocals and many instruments.

Rode K2 Vs Neumann U87

- Large 1" capsule with gold sputtered diaphragm and internal shock mounting
- Hand-selected and graded 6922 twin-triode valve
- High strength welded and heat-treated steel mesh head
- Arguably the best known and most widely used studio microphone in the world (for good reason), the easy-to-recognize U 87 is a classic!
- A distinctive design and mythical Neumann sound make this microphone a must-have for pro studios
- The U 87 is known for its one-of-a-kind frequency and transient response characteristics which deliver a smooth natural sound with a bunch of source material

If you are concerned about the value of the money, Rode K2 indeed makes a better choice. It is available at a much lower price point, while having very good features and sound quality. On the other hand, Neumann U87 indeed has very good quality, but the price is very expensive.