Rode NT1A Vs Blue Spark Comparison

The best microphone you will get if you are selective in choosing a wide variety of microphone that’s been widely circulating in the market. Microphone is one of the important thing that should be available in the recording studio, as it will be the main input source when will do the recording. Therefore, you should understand in advance and ensure the microphone is like what you want to buy so you don’t buy the wrong. A good quality microphone will be proportional to the resulting recording, so you should be careful in choosing. Competition in the market make the microphone from Rode NT1A Blue Spark and become competitors of each other. Because, in terms of the features they may have some similarities and a decision to buy one of them depending on the difference between them because it could be that the real need is you want.

Rode NT1A Vs Blue Spark

Rode NT1A
Rode NT1A is a condenser Microphone for home recording. This microphone is so quiet so that we are able to pick up very subtle nuances of the guitar playing for example then the recorded guitar performance simply sounded amazing to our ears. It has a touch of EQ to emphasize the low end which make a great performer sound even better in the studio. While for the vocals, Rode NT1A fits the bill for the singer-songwriter with its clear sound and adds a sparkle that allow the singer’s voice to stand out right in front of the mix, the mic will capture details in voice that just is not present in other models of microphones. The vocals are given by this mic will be the most presence and clarity out of all the microphones. Not only that, the sound is also perfect for hip hop and rap vocal, because it makes the voice recordings easy to EQ. Even for a simple homemade acoustic shield, it will improve the quality of recordings you get from the Rode NT1A. (Read also : Rode NT1A Vs NT2A Comparison)

Techninacl Specs

Rode NT1ABlue Spark
- Polar Pattern : Cardioid- Polar Patterns : Cardioid
- Frequency Range : 20Hz - 20kHz- Frequency Response : 20Hz – 20kHz
- Output Impedance : 100Ω- Output Impedance : 50 ohm
- Sensitivity : -31.9dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB- Sensitivity : 34.9 mV/Pa at 1 kHz (1 pa = 94 dB SPL)

Blue Spark
Blue Microphone Spark is a cardioid-only, wooden box and ships FET-based studio with a shock-mount and condenser microphone. The shape of this mic is lollipop look alike with orange color surrounded the body. It is made by 25 mm-diameter capsule has a 4-micron-thick, nickel-sputtered diaphragm and is mounted in a soft-rubber isolating sleeve “tuned” to dampen its mass. There are two switchable response curves that are toggled in or out by a flush-mounted puchbutton at the back. It can change the capsule’s input driver rather than the signal output of the microphone. This mic exhibits a response curve characterized by a lift between 8 kHz until 12 kHz with also the focus button with the same response except for a roll-off starting just above. It is an essential to use the included windscreen for most close vocals, but plan to supplement it with a secondary screen for singers who are big mic poppers. You can use Spark to record two different acoustic guitars and two ukuleles. And with a good squash provided by the Tube-Tech, the sound was marvelous.

Rode NT1A Vs Blue Spark

- The World's Quietest Studio Condenser Microphone
- Large 1 inch capsule with gold plated diaphragm
- Ultra low noise, transformerless surface mount circuitry
- Redesigned version of RØDE's classic NT1 has only 5 dBA of self-noise
- Features Blue Microphones premium condenser capsule, delivering low noise, high efficiency, and rapid response in any recording situation
- Designed with Focus Control, which results in a tighter, more direct and focused sound when selected
- Utilizes custom-matched circuitry with professional-quality, Class-A discrete components
- Circuit design pairs Spark's condenser capsule with a phantom-powered outboard amplifier to drive the capsule with linear control and accuracy

If you think that you will not spend an excess on a Rode NT1A because it is much less and there is a cheaper alternative that is still close to the recording quality, you can choose the Blue Spark microphone. But, by the higher price, you will get more too especially knowing that Rode NT1A is clean for its worth and has pretty much zero back-tone.

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