Samson C01U Pro vs C01 

If you are confused between Samson C01U Pro vs C01, you have come to the right place. The discussion below will show you the differences between these two models. Their affordable price tags have made Samson C01U Pro and Samson C01 popular as back-up mics and among beginner musicians, streamers, and podcasters. However, the difference between them is not only about the connectivity.

After reading the discussion below, you will understand better all about:

  • The design and build quality of Samson C01U Pro and Samson C01
  • The features of Samson C01U Pro and Samson C01
  • The sound quality of Samson C01U Pro vs C01
  • How Samson C01U Pro can be very handy for streamers and podcasters
  • Why singers and musicians may want to stick with Samson C01
  • Whether you should go with Samson C01U Pro or Samson C01

Samson C01U Pro vs C01: Design

Samson C01U Pro is the digital version of Samson C01. This refers to the fact that Samson C01U Pro has a built-in analog-to-digital converter that enables the mic to be plugged directly to a computer via a USB cable. The company previously had Samson C01U, but that model has been discontinued and replaced by Samson C01U Pro, which now provides a headphone output for direct monitoring.

People who exclusively work on computers will find the convenience of Samson C01U Pro undeniable. Although it is a condenser microphone, it does not need a separate pre-amp or a source of phantom power. This mic is powered via the USB cable. Mechanically, the build feels very solid and durable. There is a green LED to confirm whether the mic is receiving power or not.

The large 19mm diaphragm has a cardioid polar pattern. It follows a typical design of a vocal mic with a sideways entry. and comes with an internal shock-mount. The frequency response is said to be flat, and the maximum SPL handling goes up to 136dB. Read also: Hyperx Quadcast S vs Elgato Wave 3.

Samson C01 is the original model that has inspired Samson C01U and Samson C01U Pro. It was first released in 2002, but it has remained popular due to its low price and exceptional quality. In terms of build quality, Samson C01 is also very impressive with the tough heavy-duty mesh grille. It also has a gold-plated XLR connector that resists rust.

Samson C01 comes with a large dual-layer 19mm diaphragm. It also has a cardioid polar pattern with a sideways entry, and offers a maximum SPL handling rating of 136dB. On the front, it features an LED indicator for the phantom power. However, it does not have any headphone output for direct monitoring.

Samson C01U ProSamson C01 

Product Dimensions2.12 x 7.08 x 2.12 inches
12 x 2.75 x 9.25 inches
Shipping Weight15.8 ounces
1 pounds
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Samson C01U Pro vs C01: Features

Samson C01U Pro can’t get any more straightforward than this. It offers plug-and-play operation and is compatible with PCs and Macs. The output has a 16-bit resolution. You can choose between 8, 11, 22, 44.1, and 48 kHz sampling rates. It should be good enough for multimedia purposes, though professional musicians would want something with a 24-bit resolution. The frequency response range is described to be smooth and flat, going from 20Hz to 18 kHz.

The smart design of Samson C01U Pro has enabled the mic to take full advantage of the 16-bit resolution. There is a two-stage variable analog gain cell just before the converter, which ensures that sound is always captured with optimum clarity and volume. The variable gain works really well, though you can also adjust the internal gain by yourself via the driver software.

Samson C01 is quite different in terms of operation, as it uses XLR. This is perfect for home-studio users who already have the necessary equipment, but not so for total beginners. Nevertheless, you need an audio interface in order to connect it to your computer.

On the positive side, Samson C01 offers the full, raw, unprocessed analog output that contains all of the captured sound detail. The lack of a headphone output for direct monitoring may be a bummer for some, but most people will just use the one on the audio interface.

Samson C01 is also described to have a smooth and flat frequency response. However, the frequency response range only goes from 40Hz to 18kHz, so it does not capture as much sound from the lower frequencies.

Samson C01U Pro vs C01: Accessories

Samson C01U Pro does not need any additional software to work. You can just plug it to your computer and then choose it as an input device in your preferred recording software. When it was first released, there was the Samson SoftPre software for adjusting the mic’s internal gain and for applying a phase inversion or bass cut. However, such functions now can be adjusted by most operating systems’ drivers, and thus the software has become obsolete and discontinued.

Samson C01U Pro includes a swivel mount which makes a perfect accessory for use with a boom arm. There is also a desktop stand and the USB cable included in the box. The SP01 spider shock-mount is available as a separate purchase.

Samson C01, on the other hand, does not work directly with any software, as it requires an audio interface to connect to your computer. It comes with a swivel mount and a padded carrying case, which is really nice. The carrying case will protect the mic and swivel mount from bumps and scratches when on the go.

Alternatively, you can get Samson C01 in a bundle that includes a pop filter, the XLR cable, and five cable ties. This bundle generally provides the best value if you don’t have your own equipment yet. The mic is also compatible with the SP01 spider shock-mount, which is available as a separate purchase.

Samson C01U Pro vs C01: Performance

In terms of sound quality, Samson C01U Pro is fairly neutral. It is able to capture transient details really well. Subtle sound details are picked up with decent accuracy and clarity. It is able to record decent vocal tracks, although without the shimmer that premium-grade vocal mics typically offer.

At the 44.1 kHz sampling rate, you can set the buffer size up to 128 samples without experiencing a significant latency. There is still a very subtle delay, but overall the mic is usable. Samson C01U Pro also produces a mild background hiss due to its internal circuitry, but you don’t need to worry about this when close-miking instruments or working with loud vocals or speeches.

Samson C01 sounds somewhat similar, although it is a little bit brighter and more open. It is also a little bit less solid in the lows and more airy in the highs. As the effect, Samson C01 won’t be very good for bass instruments and people with low, deep voices.

Unfortunately, being an XLR mic does not prevent Samson C01 from having some internal noise. It also likes to produce a noticeable background hiss. This may be a problem if you need to record sound from a distance, or if you have a quiet voice.

Samson C01U Pro vs C01 

- Professional USB Studio Condenser Microphone brings pro-quality audio to digital recordings
- Simple plug and play operation with Mac OS and Windows, no driver downloads required
- 1/8” headphone output with zero-latency monitoring
- Supercardioid pickup pattern provides excellent coverage of sound sources in front of the microphone, while rejecting unwanted noise from the side and rear
- Multi-purpose studio condenser microphone with large 19mm diaphragm
- Cardioid pickup pattern with excellent off-axis rejection
- Perfect for vocals, guitars, stringed-instruments, drums and more
- Rugged mic design with heavy-gauge mesh grille


In general, Samson C01U Pro is better and more recommended. It is easier to use, thanks to the USB plug-and-play connectivity. It has a headphone output for direct monitoring, and it produces very good sound with excellent gain and neutral frequency response. It comes with a swivel mount and a desktop stand. On the other hand, Samson C01 does not really provide better sound and comes with fewer features and accessories.