Sennheiser e835 Review: Exceptional Affordable On-Stage Vocal Mic

Shopping for a new microphone may take you into long sitting in front of your smartphone or laptop to compare and match what you want from the product you are aiming for or to just ask for some recommendation from people with more experience especially of you never purchased one before. In today Sennheiser E835 review, we will give you more information regarding what you can expect from this microphone, so you can decide with ease whether this one is the right option or not.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Sennheiser E835
– What Sennheiser E835 Look Like
– What Sennheiser E835 can offer to you
– Is Sennheiser E835 suitable for you

About Sennheiser E835
Sennheiser move to the low budget market seems to be successful with the continuously growing fan base in this segment. In the past the company also already launched several similar microphones and proof their ability to create best budget items without scarifying the quality. As one of the most well-known company in the headphone market with almost 70 years of experience in producing sound equipment, they also made great microphones. If you are a lead singer, choosing the most suitable microphone will bring the best in your voice.

This Sennheiser E835 is manufactured in Germany and brings out 10 year manufacturer warranty. As you can expect from a one of the best budget in the market, this one is often compare with Shure SM58 and the result are quite mixed with some may prefer one over the other. Not only it is suitable for lead vocalist, you may consider this one to help MCing and do other non- critical applications. The sound produces is said to be clean, unobtrusive and intelligible voice but still have to be kept moderate.

Sennheiser E835 Design
Just like many of its competitors, the design of Sennheiser E835 is kept as simple as possible, which will allow the company to focus more into the performance and the hardware aspect to even more improve the microphone. For the body, Sennheiser use a solid metal material as well as a very robust grille. These material has a darker finish in matte gray with black tones. To put it simply, it all thanks to the labelling that tells you it is a branded item not just some unnamed handheld.

To be more detail, this microphone has a quality suspension for the capsule to effectively reduce handling noise and hum bucking coil to minimize the electromagnetic interference. You may not notice it from the picture, but the microphone is actually pretty comfortable when you try holding it. It is also durable enough and able to withstand some mishandle just in case you are not being careful with the microphone. However, you still shouldn’t drop it too often.

Durability also found on the inside element as all of them are rock solid and very consistent. For the price you are going to spend to own the item, it is extremely well made.

Sennheiser E835 Features
In the specification and features, there is nothing surprising or unique in Sennheiser E835. There are nothing like flashy technology or anything similar but is also proven that the company somehow made the perfect component choice to give you the performance. The frequency response range is at 40Hz to 16kHz, which makes the item arguably wider in the high end compare to its many rivals in the market. It still uses standard cardioid polar pattern and the connectivity is available in form of XLR port, which will make the microphone compatible with any board or mixer out there.

Sennheiser E835 Sound Quality
When talking about a microphone, we also have to talk about the sound quality. When you plug Sennheiser E835, chances are you are going to be surprised and there is no doubt that this one is indeed not only for vocal use. It has bright response as well as strong in-your-face presence, which will make it able to cut through a mix of instruments but lacks some transparency in the higher end. For a microphone in its class, the sound is not too muddy and definitely not inferior from the rivals. Read also: Rode NTG2 Vs VideoMic Pro here.

Even though musician with more experience will get annoyed with it, most people won’t notice the lacking. It able to perform better than the SM58 but the transient response is not that far better. In the upper midrange the sound will get a bit bloated and gets outright harsh if you push it too hard like in those fall into range soprano harmonics. However, you shouldn’t only get one-sided impression of the microphone because this one is excellent at handling speech with a great balanced in the low end.

It will sounds natural with minimum impact of proximity while the talents will never get boomy. In the brightness, it surprisingly performs very well for baritone singers. It even said that you don’t need those expensive microphone to sound good as long as the gain before feedback is not an issue. If you are tenors or soprano, the product is still good but you have to deal with losing some detail and get a bit edgy in the upper midrange.

This minimal proximity effect is probably why the E835 is preferred by many live performers especially when they go off-axis. The microphone is said to be able to pick up the sound even if the user are only a few inches away from it without picking the background sounds. The cardioid pattern also provide insulation for the microphone from other on-stage signals whole any electrical interference is removed by the hum compensating coil.

All in all, the Sennheiser E835 is a solid package of microphone that will give you a good performance whether you are a lead singer or doing other works on stage like MCing or even deliver speech as speakers. Not only for human voice, you may also use it to record or used on instruments like guitar cabinets and snare. It is not the best microphone out there but for the price range it able to give you more than enough.

- Cardioid Pick-up pattern - Good Ambient noise and feedback rejection - Powerful sound presence boost

In our opinion, the best microphone for you is the one you feels comfortable using. Your dream microphone may come in a higher price range than Sennheiser E835 but its performance will not disappoint you especially if compared to its many rivals in the market.

Sennheiser e835 Review : Specifications
– Analog
– 40Hz-16kHz
– Dynamic
– Cardioid

Sennheiser e835 Review : Pros
– Affordable
– Clear and natural sound
– Minimal proximity effect
– Sturdy

Sennheiser e835 Review: Cons
– Lacks transparency
– Hyped upper midrange and will get harsh especially on strong notes
– Will produce bad feedbacks in loud stages

Sennheiser e835 Review: Price
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