Sennheiser e835 Vs Shure SM57 Comparison

Are you confused in choosing between Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM57? Both products are available in a more-or-less similar price range. Even though both are dynamic microphones, Shure has designed SM57 to be more of a mic for instruments. So, most probably, you are currently looking for a versatile mic for capturing instruments that can also work for other purposes whenever needed. Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM57 are indeed very popular due to their excellent performance levels, in addition to their affordability. So, which is the one that you should choose?


Design and Feature
Both Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM57 are dynamic microphones. They make excellent choices when you need a mic that is very versatile, able to perform for virtually any purpose, as well as rugged and durable. A dynamic microphone only has a few moving parts, making it sturdier and more resilient, able to endure rough handling and abuse. A dynamic mic also typically sounds warm and is able to handle high input levels.

Furthermore, Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM57 both come with a cardioid polar pattern. So, they capture sound the best from the front, while rejecting sounds from the sides and especially the rear. This is because their pick-up angle only faces the front side and spans only slightly to the sides. A cardioid mic is great if you want to isolate and focus on the main sound source while attenuating ambient noise.

Technical Specs

Sennheiser e835Shure SM57
- Microphone : Dynamic- Type : Dynamic
- Pick-up pattern : Cardioid- Polar Pattern : Unidirectional (cardioid), rotationally symmetrical about microphone axis, uniform with frequency.
- Frequency Response : 40 - 16000 Hz- Frequency Response 40 to 15,000 Hz

Both Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM57 boast supreme sturdiness and durability, thanks to their metallic construction. Sennheiser e835 is equipped with a hum compensating coil that isolates handling noise, while Shure SM57 features a pneumatic shock-mount system to cut down handling noise.

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Performance and Output Quality
For sure, both Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM57 are exceptional products in their own rights. They do an excellent job in capturing and reproducing sounds. However, if we need to compare the two, then the winner goes to Sennheiser e835. While Shure SM57 has a frequency response range of 40 Hz – 15 kHz, Sennheiser e835 comes with a wider frequency response range of 40 Hz – 16 kHz. As you can see, Sennheiser e835 has a much higher high-frequency peak. This, in turn, allows the mic to stage and define every note, especially the mid and high notes, more properly. The output quality is with astounding clarity. Compared to Shure SM57, Sennheiser e835 sounds warmer but also much clearer. In addition, its treble performance is certainly superior. Sennheiser e835 can give you more cracks on snares, while Shure SM57 may not be exactly good for the job.

Sennheiser e835 Vs Shure SM57

- Cardioid Pick-up pattern
- Good Ambient noise and feedback rejection
- Powerful sound presence boost
- Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main source while reducing background noise
- Extremely durable under heaviest use
- Frequency response 40 to 15,000 Hz

As the conclusion, you should go with Sennheiser e835. Even though Shure SM57 delivers decent details and accuracy, its narrower frequency response range makes it not as suitable for handling some certain instruments. Sennheiser e835, on the other hand, offers an improved clarity in audio reproduction. Sennheiser e835 is also much more versatile for various kinds of instruments and vocals.

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