Sennheiser MKE 600 vs 416 

Music is something that cannot be apart from human life. Without music, it feels like life will feel empty. A void without music will make people feel even more depressed about their life. The great pressures in life will make problems as serious as if not handled properly.

The presence of music can overcome problems related to one’s inner self. Musicians in the world always try to present something that can evoke life. People who listen to music always feel better than before. It’s like music can heal your wounds on a bad day.

For to be enjoyed properly, musicians bring music with supporting equipment. The choice of using a quality tool can produce an extraordinary musical sound. The best sound is certainly produced by the best equipment. For that, everyone who needs tools to support their appearance always chooses the best tools.

Answering the need, the Sennheiser company presents a variety of its flagship products. Sennheiser Company is an audio company that designs and manufactures various types of audio electronic products for some consumer needs. Its products include microphones, earbuds, telephone accessories, and avionics earbuds which are very attractively designed.

Anyone who needs an audio product deserves to try a product from Sennheiser. The MKE 600 and 416 series is the most popular audio product series from Sennheiser. Both of these products are considered to produce a clear sound. Microphones from these two series can be used for all needs, from entertainment, business to personal needs.

You can choose one of the two Sennheiser products if you want to try new experiences in using audio products. The microphone offered will make a cleaner sound than others. Your voice will sound clearer and louder. You don’t need to worry if at any time there are problems in use because the company provides pleasant customer service.

If you had to buy one of the MKE 600 and 416 series, which would you choose? Can you determine which of these two products is the best? If not, you can listen to the following reviews to find out which one is better between the two.

Sennheiser MKE 600

Sennheiser MKE 600 series is one of the best products from Sennheiser. This audio equipment, which is sold in the $ 300 range, is available in a gorgeous black color. You will not be disappointed with the price offered because the company provides a guarantee period of two years for its products. This is enough time to make repairs if at any time there are problems.

The Sennheiser MKE 600 microphone has dimensions of 13.31 x 5.43 x 3.46 inches and weighs up to 1.06 pounds. The design chosen by the company for this product looks more modern and contemporary. Anyone who uses this microphone will feel that they are using an advanced audio instrument. The design is very popular with customers because it is very easy to use and hassle-free. Read also:

This product is flexible use on any camera due to compact forms such as Camcorders and Video DSLRs. You can easily take on even the toughest video sound challenges. It is still being compact and short relative to previous models. A high level of directivity is presented, making the microphone focus on the sounds in front of the camera while attenuating unwanted sound coming from the sides and rear. That’s why the maximum rejection of side noise and switchable low-cut filter features are very useful in this product.

Shure SM7B Rode Procaster
Product Dimensions13.31 x 5.43 x 3.46 inches
5.31 x 2.6 x 13.78 inches
Shipping Weight1.06 pounds
1.1 pounds
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There is also a feature of phantom or battery powering 4.4 mA which is equipped with a battery switch with a Low Batt indicator with a single LED. The battery in this product is 1 x AA type with an approximate battery life of up to 150 hours. This is wonderful.

This product has a very high rating because the quality doesn’t disappoint. Customers say that this product can still function properly even after several uses. This indicates that the price offered is very suitable for a durable product. You can try this product for better sound results.

Sennheiser 416

Sennheiser 416 is the flagship product of the Sennheiser company wrapped in a classic design that still carries advanced technology. Although launched in a classic design, this product is not an old microphone with outdated qualities. Even this classic microphone is of exceptional quality with crystal clear sound.

Offered for around $ 1000, the microphone has dimensions of 9.84 x 2.6 x 0.74 inches and weighs 4.75 pounds. With a guarantee period of two years, this best microphone from Sennheiser comes wrapped in an elegant classic black color. Anyone who uses this microphone will be satisfied with the sound produced.

These microphones are designed for better recordings for film, radio, and television, especially for outside broadcast applications. Can function very well even if used for outdoor purposes, the Sennheiser 416 microphone features a pressure gradient receiver with a short interference tube. The additional employs RF-technology to control residual noise microphone makes this microphone demonstrate its best ability to produce sound.

If you use this product, you will find the optimizing feature of the transducer’s acoustic impedance results in a further improvement in extremely low noise performance. The RF-design yields low noise levels and high immunity to humidity and moisture presented by Sennheiser as if to show the class of this microphone. This product is indeed presented for professional needs.

Sennheiser 416 gets a very high rating from the customer. This amazing microphone is loved by everyone. With the comparatively low RF-voltage across the elements of the transducer also eliminates arcing and DC-bias creeping currents that present, the sound is easy listening and clear. So, you can try this microphone for a better experience.

Sennheiser MKE 600 vs 416 

- For Camcorders and Video DSLRs, Flexible use on any camera due to compact form
- Exceptional directivity, Maximum rejection of side noise, Switchable low-cut filter
- Phantom or battery powering, -Battery switch with "Low Batt" indicator
- Very good suppression of structure-borne noise, Minimizes wind and handling noise
- Increased directivity due to interference tube principle
- Rugged, suitable for adverse climatic conditions
- Equivalent noise level weighted as per CCIR 468 3: 24 decibel
- Current consumption: 2 megaAmphere


After seein the features of the product, the winner is Sennheiser 416. The microphone from Sennheiser 416 series is better than the MKE 600 series. The quality present by this product belongs to the high class. If you need a microphone for professional needs, you should have Sennheiser 416. You will get the best result at an affordable price. But if it is more expensive for you, you can try Sennheiser MKE 600. This product is not disappointed. It worth buying if you need a personal need only.