Shure MV5 Vs Blue Yeti Comparison

Shure MV5 and Blue Yeti are interesting options for a USB mic. Both of these microphones can be used with your computer via USB. However, they offer very different advantages. Shure MV5 is more portable, whereas Blue Yeti is adjustable for different desktop conditions. See the detailed comparisons of Shure MV5 vs Blue Yeti below!

By reading the following article, you will find out more about:
– The unique features available on Shure MV5 vs Blue Yeti,
– The supported connections and platforms of the two mics,
– The comparisons of their sound quality, and
– Which mic that is more recommended for the money.

Size and Weight
Perhaps the first thing that you need to consider when choosing between these two microphones is their dimensions. Do you need your mic to be highly portable? If so, Shure MV5 is more suitable for you. Unlike the competitor here, Shure MV5 is very compact and lightweight. The actual mic is shaped like a ball while featuring a grille that looks just like the famous Elvis mic. The mic comes with a stand that is also quite compact and lightweight.

The mic’s position on the stand is adjustable. Also, you can just remove the stand when it is not used. So, the whole thing is very practical and adaptable. The controls are near the bottom of the mic with the connection ports. See the complete review here: Shure MV5 Review.

On the other hand, Blue Yeti is more suitable for desktop usage. The mic’s stand, although adjustable, is not very portable. It is rather bulky and somewhat heavier. Still, the build quality is very good. The housing feels sturdy and durable. Blue Yeti also looks stylish. There are several color choices, such as black, silver, platinum, blue, teal, red, and slate.

Technical Specs

Shure MV5Blue Yeti
- Type : Condenser- Capsules : condenser, pressure gradient
- Polar Pattern : Cardioid- Polar Patterns : cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, stereo
- Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz- Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz

If you work with Apple devices, Shure MV5 may be better due to the Lightning connector. This mic has both Lightning and USB connectors, so it is very versatile. According to Shure, this mic can work with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also has the Apple MFi certification, ensuring full compatibility with any iOS device.

Shure MV5 has a cardioid polar pattern, which means that it captures sound signals from the front. There are three built-in DSP presets (vocal, instrument, flat) that are useful for enhancing the sound quality in different applications. There is a headphone output for direct monitoring, too.

Blue Yeti uses USB. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Some users say that it also works on some Linux distros and Android (the Android platform needs to support USB OTG). However, it doesn’t work with iPad or iOS.

Blue Yeti comes with four selectable polar patterns, which include cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, and bidirectional. These polar patterns allow you to adjust the mic to have the best pickup in different conditions. For example, cardioid is great when there is just one person talking, whereas bidirectional is useful for dialogues and interviews. There are headphone output, mute button, and gain control.

Sound Quality
In terms of sound quality, the two mics are really comparable to each other, so you are not going to miss an important advantage. In general, both mics sound clear and detailed. Shure MV5 may become more musical and more pleasant to hear if you use either the vocal or the instrument DSP preset. However, Blue Yeti does offer excellent accuracy and tonality, too.

Shure MV5 Vs Blue Yeti

- 3 DSP Preset Modes (Vocals, Flat, Instrument)
- Automatically applies gain, EQ, compression and limiting for optimal results
- Built-in headphone output for real-time monitoring
- Custom-tuned microphone capsule provides best-in-class audio
- Available in 2 colors gray with black foam and black with red foam
- Tri-capsule array - 3 condenser capsules can record almost any situation
- Multiple pattern selection - cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo
- Gain control, mute button, zero-latency headphone output. Dimensions (extended in stand) : 4.72 x 4.92 x 11.61 inches
- Perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, interviews, field recordings, conference calls
- Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 (including 8.1), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Choosing between Shure MV5 and Blue Yeti is indeed difficult, but in the end, Shure MV5 is the winner. It is slightly better in terms of value. It is more portable, and it has multiple connectivity options. It can work with a wide range of platforms, including mobile devices. The sound quality is good, too.

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