Shure MV51 VS Apogee Mic

If you are in the music or entertainment industry, you will need a good quality microphone. This item is an important and major thing that needs to be provided. Including if you are dealing with podcasts and similar activities, a home studio microphone can help to provide a better sound record. Of course, there are several brands to consider in the market, such as Shure MV51 and Apogee Mic. For those that curious about the similar specification and its different performance, then you will need to check the paragraphs below. The following is a specific detail about Shure MV51 VS Apogee Mic.

About Shure MV51 Brand

Start with Shure, a USA brand that has been quite famous in the industry and believes in having good quality by many people. Shure start the first company in 1925 by producing microphones and audio electronics. Therefore, it can conclude that this brand is an experience brand that brings the best quality for various types of microphones.

Until today, this brand commits to producing various series of the microphone. One of the specialties is the digital condenser microphone that comes on two series, MV5 and MV51. Both are delivered with excellent features and specifications. For any of you that interest to know Shure MV51, you can find the explanation in the next paragraphs.

Shure MV51Apogee Mic
Product Dimensions3.5 x 6.3 x 4.3 inches5.02 x 2.13 x 7.8 inches
Shipping Weight1.75 pounds1 pounds
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Shure MV51 Features

Shure MV51 featuring some excellent items, such as listed in the following:

  • Provided with a cardioid polar pattern that will directionally capture the recorded sound to the microphone. So that this microphone will ideal for voice and acoustic instrument.
  • Simple touch panel control to use and give intuitive recording as needed anywhere.
  • Connectivity is using USB and lightning. Therefore, it is easily can connect to a smartphone or PC.
  • Gives recording resolution up to 24 but or 48 kHz with frequency response works at 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Includes built-in stand accessories so that it can help the microphone easily set up as needed.
  • The headphone port is complete with volume control so that it can easily perform the volume arrangement.
  • Comes with a very low noise that can deliver the excellent result of recording even in the middle of a crowded environment.

About Apogee Brand

The next brand that also incredible and famous is Apogee. This brand always brings the best experience through its professional audio devices for their customer. All the products are delivered with the ultimate sound of quality. It also full of inspiration, simple, but added with incredible value. So that none will feel unsatisfied with the product.

One of the famous products from the brand is Apogee Mic. The brand delivers two types of microphones consists of Apogee Mic and Hype Mic. However, Apogee Mic is the basic microphone product from the brand. For more explanation on the products, mainly the microphone, you can continue reading the following. Read also: Apogee Mic vs Blue Yeti.

Apogee Mic Features

Currently, Apogee delivers one type of microphone that capable to perform voice recording, podcasting, streaming, and instrument recording. This excellent product provided various features such as listed in the following items:

  • Professional cardioid condenser mic capsule that will give an excellent result of voice.
  • Simple and portable so that it can take anywhere easily. The setup also easy and it has a nice small dimension with lightweight. So that it can fit any pocket and ideal for any on-the-go recording.
  • Provided with three multicolor LEDs for the status, including the input level and indication. So that the user can notice the status of the mic.
  • Including headphone output blend control that gives zero-latency recording. So that it delivers the great result of recording.
  • Connectivity includes 3.5mm headphone output and a USB port.
  • Provide pristine sound quality up to 24 bit or 96 kHz.
  • Includes 2GB memory of RAM and compatible with Windows 10 and IOS.
  • The mic ideal for capturing singing, acoustic instrument, various voice-overs, interviews, and many more. So that it will benefit many types of users.

The Difference

By reading the explanation above, it can see that there are several basic differences between Shure MV51 VS Apogee mic. First, you can see that the sound quality is slightly different since Shure MV51 only gives you up to 48 kHz but Apogee works up to 96 kHz. The next physical thing that directly appears is the color. Shure MV51 is available in metallic color, while Apogee mic available in black and silver color. Therefore, if you prefer dark colors like black, then you might fall in love with Apogee more than Shure. Last, you need to consider even though both can carry anywhere, but Shure MV51 is larger and heavier than the Apogee mic. If you want a simple thing, you might need to consider the weight of each item.

The Price

Another consideration that important to make when selecting a suitable microphone is the price of the products. You might be not happy if you have to buy something too expensive. The same way when comparing Shire MV51 VS Apogee mic. It is better to know that Shure MV51 is selling at $149 on Shure Official Website. While if you interest to try the Apogee mic, then it is selling at $250 on its official webpage. Therefore, you can see that Apogee has a more expensive price than Shure MV51.

Shure MV51 VS Apogee Mic

- Apple MFi (Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad) certified for direct connection to any iOS device without the need for additional adapters or connection kits.
- Metal construction, classic design
- 5 preset DSP modes (speak, sing, flat, acoustic instrument, alto)
- Automatically adjusts compression gain, Eq and limit for optimal results
- Professional cardioid condenser microphone capsule
- Pure digital connection for flawless sound quality up to 24-bit / 96 kHz
- 46 dB of mic preamp gain, digitally controlled for greater precision
- Powerful headphone output with mixing function for zero latency recording


Overall, if you worry about budget, then you shall not look at Apogee mic since this will cost you almost twice from Shure MV51. For those that have limited money, you need to consider Shure MV51. Check this product whether it meets your expectation or not. So that you wouldn’t feel disappointed once you select this product, which is more economical.

However, if you think that features and performance are number one, then you shall not be thinking about the money. Since Apogee mic can give you better features and performance but unfortunately with the more expensive cost to spend. Even that the difference is not too significant, but if you wish for a better product that will satisfy enough, then Apogee mic is a better option than Shure MV51. Not to mention it has a lighter weight which is 200gram only.