Shure MV88 vs MV88+

Microphone is an essential part of your system because most smart devices today have one built-in the unit. They are reliable but for heavier use and higher result, we will need a dedicated microphone like Shure MV88 Vs MV88+ especially if your work is centered on smartphones. Both of these microphones are delivering a pretty good sound quality but they are also slightly different so before heading to shop, go check what they can offer and pick one that fits your preference below.

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  • What are Shure MV88 and MV88+
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  • What else Shure MV88 and MV88+ can offer
  • Shure MV88 Vs MV88+

Microphone for Smart Devices

Smartphones are getting better with each release and they are also getting more capable with higher capacity and improved almost on every aspect compared to a few years ago. It seems that people are more demanding and always seek for a better solution and this drives the demand for amazing products we enjoy today. While cameras on smartphones are impressively amazing from newer flagships like iPhone and Samsung or Pixel phones, the same trend seems not very prominent on the audio side.

This is not about the speaker side because we are sure many are already capable of delivering crystal clear sound for your favorite music but what we meant is their microphones. One thing that we can agree about even expensive phones is that their microphones are still far from let’s say the camera quality. With the ease of making content and how people are becoming creative, shooting through smartphones is a common option today especially for beginner and independent content maker.

In most cases we have to utilize what’s already available and make use of them to the fullest. But, for those who are shooting footage with sound for example, will not get the best or professional result from their built-in microphone. This can be the headset design problem and some are network design problems which both can be addressed by utilizing an external microphone. The problem is that not all smartphones or microphone will suit each other so it is more complicated than how it seems.

However, besides finding the one that works with your operating system, the rest of how to choose a microphone for the smartphone is actually the same to when choosing a desktop mounting one. In general you have to choose between a condenser and dynamic microphone. In general, dynamic is more robust but it doesn’t mean smartphones can’t have the condenser one because today both are available for a more compact system. Condenser can be a good option because they generally have a wider frequency response and hotter output.

The next factor is their polar pattern in which we are sure most people are already familiar with. The most common pattern is heart-shaped or cardioid one that isolates sound coming from most of the microphone directions in which best performing when you need to isolate the sound or prevent sound background noise. If your application requires you to capture more than a single sound source, for example news reporter interviewing someone, the common pattern used is omnidirectional or those that picks up sound from every direction.

Shure MV88Shure MV88+
Product Dimensions1.4 x 1 x 2.6 inches
7.5 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches
Shipping Weight5.6 ounces1.28 pounds
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About Shure MV88 and MV88+

In general picking a microphone for your compact smart device can be very time consuming because there are various factors we need to consider before deciding to get one and even all models are not going to satisfy just any user because in addition we may have different preference about how the sound quality should come out including in what activity we are planning to use the tool in. To ease the shopping, it is convenient to see what similar users are utilizing because they have a high chance to fit yours as well.

As more and more people start to take an interest in using their smartphone as a recording device, the amount of manufacturer aiming the market is also increasing and when it is about audio, we are sure people will check out Shure as well. This is one of our most favorite audio equipment companies because they are one of the best for quality and price wise they are offering a very competitive point compared to similar brands. Read also: Audio Technica AT2020 Vs Blue Yeti.

What’s best is their quality will be nothing to be concerned about since most of their products are loved by many users, the same with their compact microphone. For those whose activity is revolving around their smartphone or tablet, Shure MV88 and MV88+ will be two of the most ideal models to consider. Both of them are built with the same promise and similar working environment while quality wise their captured sound does prominently improved compared to when using just built-in microphone.

However, both of them are not exactly the same to each other because the former or the original microphone was designed and released earlier in which some types of applications are not yet popular. Shure then designed the new microphone to fit more applications and overall in our opinion it will serve a better versatility in your setup. However, this also means a higher price tag for the unit because at least you have to spend an additional $100 to get the MV88+.

Shure MV88 and MV88+ Design

When you put Shure MV88 and MV88+ side by side, it is easy to tell them apart unlike many close siblings because these two are very different from each other. The original model is in silver fashion which is also slightly smaller in comparison to the matte black MV88+. The prominent design difference is the former has a hinge at the bottom that allows the microphone tube to be swiveled 180-degree. The latter is fixed in the capsule and here you will not find the lighting connector as well.

The new system of MV88+ is connected through a short cable and as you can guess, this new system allows a different mounting option for your smartphone. What’s even better about this new model is that you will get a video set kit in the box and we do like the tripod it comes with because it is very versatile both for your smartphone and camera. In addition there is a headset as well in the box that you can utilize as a monitor when recording.

Shure MV88 and MV88+ System

As it has been mentioned above, the first thing you may want to pay attention when purchasing a new microphone for smart device is their compatibility and unfortunately, one of the reason why Android users are more into MV88+ is because this one is supporting many phones with the operating system unlike the original MV88 which is specifically made for iOS users only. However, not all Android devices are compatible with the microphone yet, specific Samsung Galaxy and Note as well as Pixel and Huawei are indeed already compatible with the unit.

Shure MV88 and MV88+ Audio Quality

Moving further, checking their sound side Shure MV88 and MV88+ are amazingly good and on this side they seem to be still similarly covering a range from 20Hz to 20kHz. What’s different is that the new microphone has been improved as well on the sound quality and while the original model is already offering a very nice sound, the latter is slightly tweaked to give you a more open and natural sound. The filter also does improve the clarity but nonetheless, both are going to improve your audio quality.

Shure MV88 and MV88+ Convenience

The next point we want to talk about is their convenience because the new MV88+ is slightly better on this side. This model is coming with a dedicated port located at the back of the microphone capsule and here you can see that besides the USB port there is one audio out jack which is used to monitor the sound as you record the video. This feature is not present in the original MV88 and this alone can improve your experience.

In addition, the mounting option is very different as well because we can only directly plug the microphone to the lightning port or use an extender to make a more comfortable setup with MV88. The hinge does allow for a more convenient recording option but with a dedicated cable in MV88+, you can mount the camera and microphone more comfortably. 

Shure MV88 and MV88+ Features

As for the additional benefit, one of our favorite parts of choosing MV88+ is how this microphone is made for live streaming as well because the older version is not going to support this functionality so for those who are going to stream their video, the newer microphone is actually a better convenience. However, if your goal is to improve audio quality and using iOS, the original model will suit the application just as well.

 Shure MV88 vs MV88+

Both of these microphones are amazing for those who are recording using their smartphone because they will improve the overall sound quality but, these two are different as well. The most prominent however, is how they are mounted on the setup because in general it is easier to record using MV88+ for its versatility both on the operating system and how you will plan to place the phone and microphone; in one mounting or separately. In addition the new model is supporting live streaming already.

- 5 DSP preset modes (Speech, Singing, Flat, Acoustic Instrument, Loud). Automatically adjusts EQ, compression and limiting for optimal results.
- Flexibility to tilt, flip and rotate the microphone up to 90° to get stereo clarity, whatever your sound source
- Two free Apps (MOTIV Audio & MOTIV Video) for pro-level recording and control
- Apple MFi certified compatible with all iOS devices equipped with a Lightning connection, Made for iPhone 5 and later, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation)
- Seamless compatibility with Shure Motiv audio and video applications (iOS and Android versions)
- Fully functional with popular iOS apps such as the built-in camera app, GarageBand and filmic Pro
- Multiple stereo width and Polar pattern options for ultimate flexibility
- Included industry leading Manfrotto pixi mini Tripod


All in all you can always choose which of these models that suit the kind of application the most. But, for those with Android phones and want to get all the benefits listed above, we highly recommend getting Shure MV88+.